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Next day he reappeared in public and an aide reported that he had needed an emergency dental surgery.

Some insiders told a different story, explaining that the president had rushed secretly to Muroc Air Force Base (now Edwards Air Force Base) where he signed a treaty with a hostile alien power that allowed the aliens to kidnap a number of Us citizens.

She then went on to appear as Vanessa in The WB's short-lived sitcom The O'Keefes.

Parrish also appeared in shows and made-for-television films on the Disney Channel, and also guest starred in Fox's sitcom The Bernie Mac Show, Nickelodeon's children's comedy-drama series Zoey 101, Mona is introduced in the first season as a teenage outsider who uses her intelligence and resources to torment others anonymously.

In the middle of the Cold War with the Soviet Union, John F.

Kennedy feared that a Ufo over the Ussr might be mistaken for a Us missile, something that would have been able to trigger a nuclear war.

That’s why he dictated a memo ordering that the Us prepare to share informations about Ufos with the Ussr, to prevent an atomic apocalyps.

The president was shot dead in Dallas just 10 days later: a simple coincidence or to try to reveal the secrets of the Cia and the Usaf regarding the Ufo has been a fatal false footstep for the president?

Richard Nixon was a close friend of actor Jackie Gleason, with whom played often golf and spoke about Ufos (topic that impassioned both) and of his wife Beverly.

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If she will be chosen Hillary Clinton will keep on maintaining the secret or she will try indeed to make it publish?

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