u.^mm IMAGE EVALUATION TEST TARGET (MT-3) ^ A, 1.0 ! V) A M o / Hiotographic Sciences Corporation 23 WEST MAIN STREET WEBSTER, N.f.14580 (716) 873-4503 S: ,\ CIHM/ICMH Microfiche Series. Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions / Institut Canadian de microreproductions historiques Technical and Bibliographic Motes/Notes techniques et bibliographiques The Institute has attempted to obtain the best original copy available for filming.Tutors, governesses, house-keepers, and women generally above the grade of domestic servants, should not go alone to tbe province at jiresent, and they should not go at all, nnless to join friends or relatives able to maintain them for some time after arrival. Pacific Railway, "liates over tbe Inion Patnlic Rai'.way, wbicli lias now atbrou^rii lin dire(.'tto Portland, Orejion, are al)outtl'o same as thomiiiiou Agents in the United Kingdom, a list of whon will lie found on tlie cov' r of this i)am])ldet. or £2 stoi Jc(^rtificates cat I, a list of wdion Id by emigrant Intioned agentf- Columbia ha lim migrants. Ah HOftn ii B fliocinijrriiiit ^'ots on board tim stoainshij) lio should iniiko liimsolf ui • ''^ qnftiiitt'd witli tli(» rules Im la cxi MMti Ml to ol«\y wliilst at Hoa.

' The tourist who can command eutlicieiit means and k Msure, may well exchange, for a time, the beaten tracks of Eutoix'an travel for a t addresscid as above are post free, and may 1h» simply dropi HHl in tbe iwst oliico without stamps. Applica- ion shoukl 1)0 made to an\ Government Agent to obtain information resi Mjcting the ates of assist(Nl i)assagi\s and tho conditicnis necessary to obtain them. The larj.'e steamships liuve stewardesses to look aft(^r the feuuilo ))ortion of tli stoorajxe p;isf;eu)iers, who hav(^ separate ami isolated act onimodation in tla Uu^tter ela.v of steamers ; a neiessary precaution whor« largo mnnher.s of both sexes xiro carrit within a limiti- 1 space. On all boxes, trunks, or other luir^'ajxe every passenger should have plainly writtc or i)rintod bis name and destination.

This means thai there is attached to eai article a little jnece of metal with a number stamped on it, while a correspondiii piece similarly numbered is given to the passenger to keep until his destiuation reaclu^l.

The railway is then responsible for the safety of his luggage, and will m give it tip until bo shows his "check." This custom has great safi Uy as well y tiie Custom IIouseofiicer,the imni grant .should seo that it goes on the same train with him, and if bo is going to cro!

Maps, plates, charts, etc., may be filmed at different reduction ratios.

Those too large to be entirely included in one exposure are filmed beginning in the upper left hand corner, left to right and top to bottom, as many frames as required.

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