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See more » Finally caught this in reruns and kind of wish I hadn't.L'episodio viene caricato la sera del giorno dopo l'uscita, i link alternativi al seguito e i sottotitoli variano a seconda dei traduttori.Em Portugal a série estreou a 12 de Maio de 2009, em canal aberto na RTP2, e a sua estreia no cabo, foi no fim do verão de 2009 nos canais AXN e AXN HD.No Brasil a série é exibida pela Warner Channel e SBT.It's a tragic but natural response to the guilt you feel over your wife's death.Finally caught this in reruns and kind of wish I hadn't.Ogni ritardo/malfunzionamento dei link è dovuto esclusivamente al sito di hosting, altrimenti mio se segnalato tempo prima con le dovute spiegazioni.

Patrick immediately suspects slick, young widow Erica Flynn.

For a less than amazing episode that felt more derivative than anything else, “The Golden Hammer” sure knew how to make us sit up and pay attention – with one hell of an ending.

The episode (and we’re getting a little tired of saying this, now, but what else can we say) was still enjoyable, solely because of how fun-loving it now is.

Wayne's an undercover job gets a romantic follow-up. While it is true that individual cells have a finite lifespan and are replaced when they die, this doesn't happen to all cells - for instance cerebral neuron don't get replaced when they die and cardiomyocyte heart cells are replaced at a reducing rate as we age.

At the beginning of the episode Jane says to Lisbon: "Do you know, in seven years, each and every cell is completely replaced in your body? Even in people who have lived a very long life, less than half of the cardiomyocyte cells have been replaced.

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In addition to all that, there’s the stepping-up of the Lisbon-Jane romance.

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