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For that, we can turn to Ad Organum faciendum, (Anonymous, c 1100) which is just such a manual: how to make organum.

In letter-notation two organa are given as examples: "Alleluia V.

Over time, composers began to write added parts that were not just simple transpositions, thus creating true polyphony.

The first document to describe organum specifically, and give rules for its performance, was the Musica enchiriadis (c.

The earliest European sources of information concerning organum regard it as a well-known practice (Fuller 1990, p. Organum is also known to have been performed in several different rites, but the main wells of information concerning its history come from Gregorian chant.

Considering that the trained singers had imbibed an oral tradition that was several centuries old, singing a small part of the chant repertory in straightforward heterophony of parallel harmony or other ways of 'singing by the ear' would come naturally.

As key-concept behind the creative outburst that manifested in the 11th and 12th centuries is the vertical and harmonic expansion of dimension, as the strongly resonant harmony of organum magnified the splendour of the celebration and heightened its solemnity.

The Musica enchiriadis documented a practice which obviously had been in use for some time, although it has not been possible to establish even an approximate dating for the commencement of the practice, which may go back hundreds of years.

It is made clear in the Musica enchiriadis that octave doubling was acceptable, since such doubling was inevitable when men and boys sang together.

The 9th-century treatise Scolica enchiriadis treats the subject in greater detail.

For parallel singing, the original chant would be the upper voice, vox principalis; the vox organalis was at a parallel perfect interval below, usually a fourth.

Thus the melody would be heard as the principal voice, the vox organalis as an accompaniment or harmonic reinforcement.

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Modal rhythm is defined clearly as a succession of unequal notes arranged in a definite pattern.

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