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It vowed 'merciless retaliation' for the exercises, branding both the UK and US as weaker states.A statement by the state-run Korean Central News Agency branded the US 'imperialists' and South Korea as 'war maniacs'.

Today his state run media machine released footage showing North Korea launching ballistic missiles and its troops marching in unison through Pyongyang.'Americans should live with their eyes and ears wide open,' the caption alongside it is believed to read.

South Korea employs various types of psychological operations against the North, including blasting South Korean pop music on loudspeakers at the border.

Government sources told the Ilbo that the defector may have been motivated to cross the border because of a connection between South Korea's pop-music propaganda and his young age.

Now the US footage shows the force with which its troops fired huge rounds of artillery toward the North during the three-year-long conflict, in which more than 1.2million on both sides perished.

In it, the American voice over actor continually refers to the artillery gun, a 105mm Howitzer, as his friend Joe sent over to help fight the forces of communism. Shipping high explosives to communist Korea.'This was a little service we supplied the infantry. 'When Joe and I got to Korea, everybody was mighty glad to see us.

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