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Even though this end-of-August event usually marks the end of summer, there are so many awesome and fun things to do that you almost forget that fall is just around the corner. We’ve rounded up some (like, a very, very small portion) of the coolest things that you definitely need to check out, other than the amazing celebrity autograph/photo sessions and panels.

If none of these activities interest you, head on over to to find something that does!

You may even get a chance to win some of the original artwork at the end!

Board Game Library There’s no better way to make friends (or lose friends) than by playing board games.

Spend the first hour of the new and improved anime track at Fan Expo Dallas watching AMVs!

[TV-14, Dubbed] Check out the popular anime’s first four episodes BEFORE the official release from Funimation on April 18th! Anime Name That Tune has been a popular convention event long before Wasabi Anime was around, but we’re worked hard to compile and organize hundreds of songs from well known Japanese films and television shows of the animated persuasion.

[TV-MA, Subbed] Watch anime with the folks from Wasabi Anime® as they give commentary to the Japanese cartoon goodness (badness? This year’s event will be capped at 65 entrants including 20 for Youth entrants (ages 13-17) and 15 for Novice entrants. VIEW CONTEST DETAILS Bring out your best Superhero, Video Game and Sci Fi cosplay because Fan Expo Dallas is having a Costume Contest just for kids!We also love making fun of anime – and so we created Mystery Anime Theater 3000.Like the popular series of a similar name, Wasabi Anime’s personalities watch well know anime films and share their unique brand of commentary and insight. We only use subtitled anime so the audience can read what’s actually going on. We’re still fans, but we have so much fun poking fun at you.Artist Alley This is the spot to be if you want to meet some of the best pencillers, inkers, and writers working on comics graphic novels, and other prints!Don’t forget to check out the Sketching Duels, where artists go pen-to-pen and face off to see which artist comes out on top.

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All cosplayers 11 years of age and younger are invited to join us Sunday afternoon for hour of fun (and showing off).

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