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It doesn’t always work out, but friends can be a valuable resource because they know you and your interests.5.

Gay-Themed Events: Pride parades and festivals, drag queen shows, gay theatrical productions, charity events, classes and workshops with gay topics, parties, gay support groups, church activities, gay trade shows, gay speed dating events, etc.·Meeting Mr.

Choose to involve yourself in settings that will attract the type of men you want to affiliate with. Gay Bars & Dance Clubs: While these may be obvious places that gay men can flock to, be careful.An even better place to meet people because you’re living your life doing something that you enjoy with other like-minded people, already giving you something in common to build from. This is the best venue to meet your life partner because it’s a place where the people have a shared sense of values, purpose, and passion, which are important ingredients for relationship success.Places like churches, service clubs, and personal growth venues would be examples of such settings where they act as a community with mutual support and involvement.As the main facilitator, David Young, Unification Church Columbus Pastor and professional Life Coach, lead participants through activities and sessions on reimaging their future relationships and reflecting on the types of qualities they would want and any ways to change their current behaviors to start attracting their goals.Most of this was done through group reflection and pair sharing with new partners every so often.

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