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Though I am still working on replacing quality time with the wife now that our nights have shortened, as well as other areas that still need tweaking.

The only part this schedule has NOT affected is my finances.

Which at first was a let down as I wanted to be able to scheme and strategize on making more/cutting expenses, but since I’m so immersed in $$$ the rest of the ENTIRE day awake – hah! And has actually made the times I do think/read/share about it .

Okay, so I’m FAR from the amazingness that is Bea Johnson, but I have started implementing baby steps to help me become more conscious of my waste so I can live more minimally as well as save the planet in the process.

), but I *swear* this organic milk tastes better too.I’ll still need to research that (I have a feeling it’ll be a rabbit hole of conspiracy theories and marketing gimmicks), but regardless I’m having fun testing it all out and feel like I’ve been transported back into the 50’s :) Now only if the prices could revert too! Kitchen compost can – Got this Epica Stainless Steel Compost Bin off Amazon to start composting!! I’m debating whether this is necessary or not (damn you Amazon Recommendations), but figured I’d start with them and see how it goes…I put it under our sink to capture all the food waste throughout the week, and then once full I trot it over to our newly-assembled compost tumbler outside to start the composting process. I ended up going with a 3-pack of Bio Bags which are “Food Waste Certified Compostable.” #5. I researched all around and then read some blogs on composting, and finally reached the verdict that this YIMBY IM4000 Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter fit my lifestyle/house arrangement the best (and then waited for a off sale on Amazon – W00T). Incidentally his current favorite cartoon (Caillou) just did a whole episode on composting, and now he’s so excited to watch “the magic trick” of turning trash into dirt.And as random/surprising as this has all been (I’m typically a night person), I have to say the habit is here to stay.I can’t tell you how much waking up early has SLOWED DOWN my life and helped me focus/appreciate the days more. (And no – he really didn’t say that my blog “won’t put you to sleep” like I so cleverly put as my site’s tagline…

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